Peggy Johncox - About Me


Peggy Johncox has taught grades K–8 for thirty-three years. She has taught in several districts in Michigan, as well as in Title I classrooms and on Indian reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. In 2001, Peggy was the Teacher of the Year for Fowlerville Community Schools in Michigan. Peggy now delights in presenting the bucketfilling philosophy as explained in Carol McCloud’s three books, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, Fill a Bucket, and Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness. “As we spoke with children, I observed how much our pets fill our buckets. Halle, our miniature pinscher, is a perfect, fun example to promote these desired concepts.”

Peggy lives in the woods of southeast Michigan with her husband, Gary, and their dog, Halle, cat, Tiger, and parakeet, Sassy. Peggy and Gary have three married children and nine grandchildren.


A short biography of Peggy Johncox

Born the oldest of eight children, I have always loved and enjoyed children of all ages. Quite naturally I went into teaching, receiving my BA in Education from the University of Michigan, and my MA in Reading from Eastern Michigan University. I taught in Southgate, MI, on the Navajo Reservation in AZ, and on the Jemez Reservation in NM. Then my husband, Gary, and I decided to build our home and live close to family in Cohoctah, MI. We now enjoy living by my six sisters, their families and my one brother and his family. We are: Peggy, Pamela, Patrice, Penny, Phyllis, Paris, Priscilla, and Bill. I always love to say or write that!

Gary and I have three children: Erin, Andrew and Matthew. They have all married wonderful bucket fillers and have delightful children who are our nine grandchildren.

Over my 27 years in Fowlerville Community Schools I taught everything from Kindergarten to eighth grade, Indian Education and Title I. The last 15 years I settled into fifth grade, and received the honor of being Teacher of the Year in 2001, before retiring in 2006.

Now I have had the privilege of sharing the bucketfilling message through Bucketfillers101, in over 350 presentations around the USA, with people of all ages.

Pets are family members too. It’s important for our children to hear and understand that, as they learn to fill the buckets of those around them. It adds such joy to everyday life to notice how YOU can fill buckets wherever you are. It makes life so rewarding and fun!


Why and How I Wrote Halle and Tiger with their Bucketfilling Family

As we present Have You Filled a Bucket Today? , by Carol McCloud we focus on family bucketfilling on page 6. The children always light up when thinking of their own pets. They need to be taught how to treat animals well and how to fill their buckets.

Our miniature pincher, Halle, always fills our buckets with love. She’s a snuggler, loves to sleep by you, loves to go on walks, bounces with excitement and joy. She let’s me know what she means, wants, or needs. I love to kiss her face. She’s smooth, silky, and rarely smells bad! She loves to go!

She and I were walking in the woods one day. Halle was joyfully leaping ahead and I was hit by how much she fills my bucket. The thought came to me that I should write a book about her and how she reacted when we adopted our cat, Tiger. Halle was accepting. She gets along well with other animals and all people. She fiercely guards our home and her territory, yet she has never bitten anyone. Halle is 10 pounds of pure bucketfilling fun!